[TN041] IKLO

KLO is free improvisation duet working with acoustic sounds and live electronics. Percussionist Joan Cot Ros improvises on the vibraphone and percussion while Marcos Bernabé samples these sounds in real time and granulates them, composing new timbres and musical textures. Establishing a musical conversation they explore ideas looking for the beauty inherent in each sound and structure.

This is IKLO’s first studio recording. In it we hear a fresh improvisation that combines their most apparent influences, going from free jazz and classical contemporary music to electroacoustic and computer music.

[TN21] scmute – kofiq

kofiq is a contemporary sound work between concrete music, microsounds and computer music. The first cut – kofiq – takes sounds from sources as diverse as prepared instruments or field recordings taken on the outside of Can Xalant creation center. An stochastic process takes fractions of such recordings and arrange it in series or clouds of sounds. The two cuts following – eora and zyo – take the first cut as raw material and using a completely independent process break it down into parts that are mixed to form a new work.
[TN010]noish˜ + scmute – realidad granulada

Delicate explosions of atomic sonorous structures, in counterpoint with series of stochastic surgery that they draw on a noise-mutant universe.
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